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1.The sportsbook company "NeptunBet" provides the players with a bonus for the first deposit in the amount of 200% from this sum.
The maximal sum of the bonus is 700 USD.
2. The bonus offer is available only for the new clients of the Sportsbook company "NeptunBet".
After the registration a player deposits the sum for 100 USD, the system gives to him the bonus automatically in the amount of 200% from the deposit sum.
The main account is 100 USD / bonus account is 200 USD.
2. In order to participate in the special it is necessary to update the account with one-time payment with the sum till 350 USD. ( The player is going to get the 200% bonus automatically, e.d. till the maximal sum of the bonus offer - 700 USD. 
3. For the after game of the money from the bonus account the player need to place a single with the odds from 3 and above. In case of the winning with this bet the player is going to get automatically 5% from the sum of a bet on the given outcome from the bonus account.
The main account: 50 USD. Bonus account: 100 USD.
The player places a bet 50 USD with the odds of 3 on the winning of the football team.
The bet wins, 50 USD * 3 = 150 USD + 2.5 USD (5% from the bet sum) = 152.5 USD.
Total. The main account is 152.5 USD, the bonus account is 97.5 USD.
4.The time for after game of the money from the bonus account is 14 calendar days.
5.By the end of the period for afetr game the bonus account will be annulled.
6.The won back money from the bonus account to the main one is momantary available for currency.
7.the bets with the odds under 3 and the bets on which the refund was made are not counted on after game of the bonus money.
8. The company reserves the right to proceed the additional verification of the account's owner at any moment or restrict the player's participation in the special.
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